Fundrella is an ESG match maker and data hub

The ESG focused fund platform helps Professional Investors find funds that match their ESG policies and subscribe to fund reports with Fundrella. We feed back market insights quarterly, to help Asset Managers stay competitive. This creates positioning opportunities and leads for Asset Managers.

For Professional Investors

Apply your individual ESG preferences and exclusions in your fund selection process and monitor your existing funds by subscribing to relevant fund reports.

Fundrella is a one-stop-shop for qualitative fund information and free of charge for Professional Investors.

Fund Selection

Fundrella's search engine allows Professional Investors to apply their ESG preferences to filter and compare funds to substitute 1-1 meetings and months of research. 

Fund Reporting

Professional Investors receive all their fund reports in one aggregated monthly email to achieve more efficient fund monitoring. 

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For Asset Managers

Publish funds on Fundrella and differentiate them by using 200+ ESG parameters. Funds on the platform are included in ongoing searches made by leading Professional Investors. The better your funds match their ESG requirements, the higher they will rank in searches. 

Access market insights to understand your positioning and ESG competitiveness, follow client demand and optimize your efforts towards Professional Investors in your region.