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Fundrella was founded in 2019 by Wava Bodin in collaboration with four Nordic insurance companies (Länsförsäkringar, Folksam Fondförsäkring, Futur, and Movestic) to digitalise manual processes in the intersection between Asset Managers and Professional Investors.

Wava’s former experience as VP at BlackRock and Fidelity have given her unique insights in the inefficiencies of the asset management industry.

Fundrella is currently used by the leading fund selection teams in the Nordics with total investable assets of 580 Billion EUR.

Fundrella was


Wava Bodin

“My aim and passion are to identify any old legacy processes and digitalise them to improve efficiency and transparency in the industry.”

– Wava Bodin, Founder & CEO, Fundrella

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Our mission

Our mission is to support conscious investments by offering transparency, enabled by comparable data.

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