• How does Fundrella differ from other fund platforms?

    Fundrella is built in collaboration with institutional investors and their guided offering. This means that the platform consists of funds that have been hand-picked and analyzed by leading Nordic fund selectors as well as focus funds that have been selected by fund companies. Fundrella enables efficient analysis of the Nordic guided offering and gives fund companies an opportunity to analyze the universe, benchmark their funds, follow client demand and make more informed business decisions.

    Fundrella provides unique fund-level ESG alignment scores showing exactly to what extent the funds perform according to each investor’s ESG preferences.

    Fundrella aims to increase the interaction between fund companies and professional investors by facilitating e.g. real-time client requests through the platform. Transparency is what guides us in all that we do. Fund companies can share information about their funds and their ESG work, while we provide information about investor interest and ESG demands as well as relevant market insights such as competitor benchmarking.

  • Is it possible to get screenshots of your database for our legal team to review?

    Please send a request to support@fundrella.com and we will get in touch with you.

  • Do you have a disclosure language when logging in that they can share with us?

    When applying for a Fundrella user account, the new user has to confirm that they are indeed a professional investor. They also have to accept our Terms and conditions.

    Also, in case of uncertainty, we verify their domain and organization name to make sure they indeed are working as a professional investor.

  • What is Fundrella's fund coverage?

    Fundrella works with Global, European, and Nordic fund companies, which provide Nordic institutions with investment products. We currently serve about 50 fund companies, representing 60-85% of our users’ guided offering.

  • What is Fundrella's user base?

    Fundrella is used by Fund Selection teams across the Nordics. The Professional Investors are mainly Unit Link companies, Nordic banks, IFAs and pension companies. At the moment, they represent approximately 580+ Billion EUR in combined AUM.

  • What major competitors are currently in your system?

    We do not disclose specifically which these include, but we can however communicate that we are currently working with 50+ fund managers (global) today. Most them being well-known big brands and ESG leaders. To see some of our publicly disclosed references in our quarterly top rankings, follow the link below:


  • Fundrella helps investors to find funds, are end clients utilizing this system? If so, what kind of end clients? Do they include retail?

    Our offering only includes professional investors, both wholesale/distribution and institutional, however, we do not include retail.

  • In terms of the data required for the ESG filters, would we fill them in, in the excel template?

    Yes, asset managers always categorize their own funds to make sure that the data is correct.

  • How do you obtain legal documents?

    Are you referring to legal documents of funds? In that case the only legal document we offer on Fundrella is the KIID document. We usually create an automatic feed to the KIIDs and fetch them daily.

  • Do you require a NAV feed?

    No, we do not.

  • Do you have an attestation capability to document who is utilizing your system and from what country? 
(This is for share class availability)

    Professional investors only. Mostly banks, unit link platforms, pension companies, and bigger IFAs. For every share you wish to publish on the platform, we ask for your marketing permits, and filter the visibility of the share classes based on those permits. I.e. a Swedish investor will only be able to see funds that are registered for sale/marketing in Sweden.